Listen: Mac Jones explains reason behind 2 recent trademarks


Mac Jones' team has been busy off the field of late, as he has trademarked "MJ10" and "Mac10" recently.

Appearing on Merloni & Fauria Monday, the rookie quarterback was asked about it and the reasons for it.

"I just wanted to protect myself, and my team off the field does a great job off the field protecting me," he said. "So in the future if I ever have to use them, which I don’t have plans on using them any time soon, I just have them protected so that someone doesn’t buy them and then make me pay a lot more money for them.”

Several other members of the Patriots have started selling their own merchandise, but it doesn't sound like Jones will be any time soon.

As for the upcoming bye week, Jones doesn't have plans to go anywhere and it will be pretty low key.

“I’ll probably maybe go out to dinner or something, nothing crazy," he said. "… A lot of guys, that’s what they said, just take some time off and be ready for the next week.”

The Patriots will return to action Dec. 18 in Indianapolis against the Colts in what will be another big game relating to the AFC playoff picture.

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