Matthew Judon didn't have issue with his roughing the passer penalty

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Roughing the passer penalties have been a hot topic in the NFL for the last several years with defenders sometimes being put in tough spots to avoid penalties.

It appeared Matthew Judon was a victim early in the game on Sunday against the Titans when he got a 15-yard penalty for a hit on Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

But speaking after the game, Judon seemed to indicate he thought it was the right call.

“(The official) said I just landed on (Tannehill)," he said. "They protect our quarterbacks. They the face of the league and stuff. It kinda is what it is.”

Judon added: “I’ll probably roll next time — wrap and roll. And just don’t land on him. It’s a bang-bang call on the field. Usually, even if they see it on the jumbotron, it’s a tough flag to pick up because the game’s at a high speed. But good call by him, he’s protecting quarterbacks.”

The Patriots edge rusher recorded a sack in the game, bringing his total to 11.5 on the year.

“My sack was a coverage sack. If you go back and watch the play, everyone was covered up so kudos to our linebackers, our safeties and our defensive backs. Right there, we came and got a three and out. Three plays off the field and set up our offense in a short field and they took advantage of that. That’s just how you like to start the game and it didn’t matter if it was my sack or Wise [Deatrich Wise Jr.], or High [Don’t’a Hightower], or Chase [Winovich], it didn’t matter, I just got the credit.”

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