Devin McCourty reacts to Matthew Stafford reportedly not wanting to come to Patriots


Following Matthew Stafford being traded from the Lions to the Rams last weekend, it was reported the veteran quarterback said he would be traded anywhere but New England.

In the coming days, ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi said the quarterback isn't tough enough for New England when it comes to hard coaching.

Appearing on CBS Radio's The DA Show Friday, Patriots safety Devin McCourty was asked about Stafford reportedly not wanting to join the Patriots and the hard coaching in particular.

“I don’t know Matt Stafford, so I don’t know what he’s been like, how he’s been coached. I think a lot of times that’s the easy way out. That’s an easy thing to say because the Patriots are known for that," he said. "We don’t know — we’ve had one quarterback for [a long time] and you get a guy like Cam Newton, who everyone said coming in, we don’t know how he would mesh with Bill Belichick because of the tough coaching and all of those things. That never was a problem. [The tough coaching] was never a problem for the whole year.

“I don’t know Matt Stafford at all. He might have his own reasons for not wanting to be in New England. He was in Detroit, he had Matty P [Matt Patricia] come in, which is kind of seeing it the New England way, and it didn’t work for them in Detroit. He might have strictly been like, 'I don’t want to be back in that.’ I don’t know. But if it’s true that he didn’t want to be there, that’s up to him and that’s his decision. I don’t knock guys for that. I think as players if you have some power and you can make a decision on where you should go, you should do that. You should empower yourself to use your platform, use your skillset to get where you want because honestly in our league no team cares about a player that much. It is all about how you can help us win. If you can’t help us win, ‘good riddance, we’re going to move on without you.’

"So, I am all about if Matt Stafford didn’t want to be in New England, go wherever it makes you happy. But, if we get a chance to play him, we should make him feel it, if he said he didn’t want to play with us. I am definitely not mad. I don’t go at guys for saying they didn’t want to play in a certain place.”

McCourty, 33, is under contract for his 12th NFL season.