Josh McDaniels offers reminder to keep perspective when it comes to Mac Jones

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When it comes to Patriots rookie quarterback Mac Jones, all everyone wants to do is make projections and compare him to other players who have played the position.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels offered a reminder that it's important to keep perspective that he's just a rookie and has only played in nine NFL games -- something he has to tell himself sometimes, too.

"I think Mac is working really hard to try to master and improve in all levels of quarterback play," he said. "I keep telling myself this, too, because I think it's important for us to keep perspective. These are his first nine games in the NFL. We ask a lot of the quarterback position, mentally. We ask a lot of the quarterback position after the ball has been snapped. Sometimes I see a lot of progress in things that don't necessarily show up in the stat sheet. I just feel like each day is an opportunity for him to grow and improve. And I think it's really important that we don't measure. I'm not worried about measuring him right now. I think every day and every week is an opportunity to make progress. Three years from now, you can start talking about enough of a sample size to look back and see where we've really grown and measured from his rookie year to some other year.

"But right now we're in the middle of his rookie year. I think daily progress is the goal. Mac's work ethic and attitude have been tremendous, and I know that he's looking forward to getting ready for this week, too."

What are some things that are showing up, but not on the stat sheet?

"I just think overall seeing things and identifying the front variations that you see a lot of in the National Football League, coverage disguise, little tips and indicators from the secondary that every team tries to hide at times," McDaniels said. "I think if a game can slow down for you a little bit -- pre-snap, post-snap -- based on some things that you're learning and based on some things that you're able to utilize, I think that's always a huge benefit to you as you go forward. Like I said, we put a lot on the quarterback. And he's never shied away from that. He's always loved the burden that we put on the QB, even though he is young and learning. Like I said, there's a lot of areas that I could pinpoint. We'd be here all day. But he's making progress, for sure."

Jones and the Patriots will host the 5-4 Browns this Sunday at Gillette Stadium.

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