Merloni: Cam Newton 'not fixable,' would rather watch Jarrett Stidham


After a promising first two weeks, Patriots quarterback Cam Newton has struggled over the last month.

In his last three games, Newton has averaged just 139 passing yards per game while throwing one touchdown and six interceptions for a 48.5 passer rating. The Patriots have scored just 18 points in their last two games combined with Newton under center, losing both.

Newton also missed a game due to COVID-19 three weeks ago.

While there has been talk about a lack of offensive weapons, Newton's own struggles are clearly a big part of the problem right now, as he has made poor decisions, not seen open receivers, and thrown the ball inaccurately.

If the Patriots are going to have any chance of salvaging this season, they're going to need Newton to fix his issues, and fix them quickly.

The question is whether he can be fixed. Lou Merloni, for one, isn't optimistic.

"No, he's not. He's not fixable," Merloni said Tuesday on Ordway, Merloni and Fauria. "He's entering the Brian Hoyer category for me as far as -- he's a better quarterback than Brian Hoyer -- but as far as watching him play, to me, it's a waste of my time. It's a waste. I would rather watch Jarrett Stidham play.

"...What worries me is, what Cam Newton's doing on Sundays, does he look like that in practice, and Bill still feels like he's the best quarterback option? That should tell you what he thinks of Stidham. But when I look at Cam Newton, he's been in the league eight, nine years, and it's mechanical issues. It's the same mechanical issues he's always had. They tried to fix it, and they masked it for a few weeks ... but old habits, they're tough to break year nine in the league.

"He is what he is. I don't know whether the shoulder, the arm strength isn't there, which makes the mechanics even more important, to be able to step and throw towards your target. Everything coming together right now, no, he is not fixable. And it's a waste of time. Just play Studham. Play Stid the Kid. See if he can play. Hey, if he sucks, whatever. Go win four games."