Do Patriots need to choose between Stephon Gilmore, JC Jackson?


Besides the competition between Cam Newton and Mac Jones, the next biggest storyline relating to the Patriots is Stephon Gilmore and his contract.

The cornerback is scheduled to make just $7.5 million in 2021 and he's not happy with that. Gilmore did not attend minicamp or any of the voluntary offseason workouts and has shown his displeasure with his salary via social media.

Appearing on The Greg Hill Show Wednesday, Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio was asked about Gilmore's situation and he thinks the team may need to choose between him and JC Jackson, who will be a free agent after the upcoming season.

“The problem is when you take care of a guy one year by moving money that he’s going to make the next year into this year, it’s very difficult to say to the guy the next year, ‘Well, hey, you’re only making $7.5 [million] because we accelerated $4.5 million you were due to make.’ When you do that, when you push money forward, that implies you’re going to take care of him on the backend," Florio said. "And that’s really the question I have: Are they going to take care of him? Or are they going to look to trade him?

"Between him and JC Jackson, I feel like they have to pick one or the other over the long haul. They can’t pay both. There were some trade rumblings last year with Gilmore and then all of a sudden he has a knee injury and that fell apart. You can’t help but wonder whether or not they are going to consider, ‘Can we get value for Gilmore and move on and then the guy who gets the money is going to be JC Jackson.’”

Gilmore will be 31 years old in September, while Jackson is 25.

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