Patriots player: Mac Jones is going to be special


Mac Jones has only been around his teammates a few months, but it seems fair to say he's made a good first impression.

Offensive tackle Trent Brown had some really good things to say about the No. 15 overall pick following Wednesday's final minicamp session.

“Mac, he’s a young guy, but you can’t really just refer to him as a young guy,” he said. “You can tell he’s been at a place where’s got some coaching. I think he’s going to be special here in the future.”

Jones wasn't the only Patriots QB Brown praised.

“Cam is a high-energy guy,” he said. “He brings the juice every day. I can definitely get used to that. I enjoy that.”

Other Patriots players have remarked Jones has already showed some leadership qualities just by playing the quarterback position, but Bill Belichick pumped the breaks on that Wednesday.

"Well, like all players, all young players, a lot of newness, a lot of new experiences, a lot of new terminology," he said. "The first or second time through its learning, after that it's more of an opportunity to do something you've done before and increase the level of competition or level of execution.

"And so, I think that's where Mac [Jones] is. That's where all of our rookies are. When things happen that they haven't seen or experienced or heard before, there's a big learning curve but then that curve flattens out a little bit as things happen repeatedly and get more comfortable with it and execute it better. So, that's going to be taking place for quite a while for, I would say, all of our rookies at every position."

It appears Jones and Newton will be competing for the starting job once training camp rolls around in late July.

Featured Image Photo Credit: New England Patriots