Patriots' road miles not overbearing for 2022 season


Happy NFL Schedule Release Week! It’s the NFL in 2022. Everything is bigger and more dramatic and drawn out longer for effect. No longer do we just have schedule releases but now we have schedule release weeks, and live announcement shows and reaction programs. Speaking of which don’t miss the 6 Rings And Football Things schedule release reaction podcast later this week! And please, subscribe wherever you consume your podcasts.

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Now Playing for the impending schedule of the Patriots in 2022, they seem to have an enjoyable road schedule for fans looking to visit some unusual if not iconic football destinations.

Several factors throughout the season play in to the wear and tears and rigors of an 18 week, 17 game schedule. Quality of opponent - the Patriots have the 9th most difficult schedule in 2022 based on opponent winning percentage - being perhaps the biggest factor outside of your own talent and health. Travel is also a major concern, as teams have to navigate thousands of miles per week at times, not to mention time zone changes and short turnarounds, depending on Thursday and Monday night games. Fortunately racking up miles doesn’t look to be a major issue for the upcoming season.

(Click here for the story that originally surfaced the travel information.)

The Patriots will travel just short of 19,000 miles this season, landing them right in the middle of the pack as far as miles traveled. Over half the miles come from two road games; Arizona (NFC West) and Las Vegas (AFC West), otherwise it’s an Eastern Time Zone heavy schedule with a couple midwest trips to Minneapolis and Green Bay.

Once the schedule is released factors like back-to-back road games and if the Patriots would stay west if such occasion arises could be considered. In the past coach Bill Belichick has had the team set up camp in California when they Pats have two west coast road games in a row to ease transition and travel fatigue.

Leaks aplenty have already started flooding the internet, with a few early confirmed contests. The official schedule comes out this Thursday at 8 p.m. EST. And FYI - Patriots individual game tickets go on sale Saturday, May 21st.

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today Sports