Patriots rookie QB Mac Jones brings ‘a swagger’ to OTAs


Mac Jones led Nick Saban’s Alabama squad to the national title last fall with arguably the best season by a quarterback in the history of the Crimson Tide program.

Now, he arrives in New England as the No. 15 overall pick and the future at the quarterback position held down for two decades by a GOAT named Tom Brady.

Neither job is one for a man lacking in confidence. And as Jones’ new Patriots teammates are learning in New England’s OTA workouts, the young quarterback doesn’t seem fazed by the task in front of him.

“Mac, good energy. Awesome guy, man. You can tell he's happy to be here. Comes to work and you just can feel his energy and his leadership already,” Patriots wide receiver Kendrick Bourne said in a post-OTA workout Zoom call with local reporters on Thursday.

“He has a swag to him that I didn't know that he had at first. He's out there confident and that's what you need in a quarterback, and in all our players. You've gotta have confidence. He's come in with that and I think that's going to take him a long way. If you can believe in yourself in all times, for any player, you'll have success anywhere you are. So I can just see the confidence."

Like Bourne, tight end Hunter Henry is another New England newcomer who’s learning the offense alongside the rookie passer Jones.
He has also been impressed with what he’s seen.

“Mac’s doing a great job,” Henry said. “He’s obviously new, and I’m new. We’re just all going through it together, him being even new to the atmosphere of this next level. He’s doing a great job. Good to have him here, and we’re all excited for him.”

Both free agent additions also had good things to say about Patriots returning veteran quarterback Cam Newton, with whom Jones is likely to be competing this summer for the New England starting job.

“Great energy. Obviously very proven in this league,” Henry said of Newton. “I mean, that goes without saying. He’s a great player. It’s fun to be around him. He’s great in the locker room, great on the field, great off the field. So it’s been a blast.”

“Energy is amazing, man. A workhorse,” Bourne added of the former NFL MVP. “He just knows how to keep the game fun. He knows when to turn it on and he knows when to turn it off and stuff like that. It's just awesome to be around a guy that kinda matches energy like me. Whenever I get down or something, he's there to pick me up. He's that kinda guy. And when I do good he's there too to push me and motivate me at the same time. So he's just all-around a great teammate."