Thumbs down to Mac Jones' post-thumb injury performance

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Back on Dec. 14, coming out of their bye week, Patriots quarterback Mac Jones appeared on the injury report with a left thumb injury.

It kept him limited in practice for two days before he was removed after the final practice of the week ahead the Saturday night game in Indianapolis.

“My thumb's good,” Jones said the day after being added to the injury report. "... It’s just a, I had to be put on there but it’s good. I mean there is nothing wrong with it. I think it’s just, it has to be on there for protection and stuff.”

And that was pretty much the end of the story.

Although it was curious he wore a glove on his left hand for the first time that week against the Colts and has in every game since. It doesn't have anything to do with cold weather, either, as one game was indoors and another was at Miami.

The Patriots rookie hasn't been very good since wearing the glove.

In the 13 games without wearing the glove, Jones was 270-for-384 (70.3%) passing with 2,869 (221 yards/game), 16 touchdowns and eight interceptions. while the Patriots went 9-4 in those games.

Meanwhile, in the four games with the glove, Jones was 82-for-137 (59.9%) passing with 932 yards (233 yards/game) six touchdowns and five interceptions, while the Patriots have gone 1-3 in those games.

That's a pretty big difference, especially when it comes to completion percentage, interceptions and winning games.

It's hard to say exactly what to make of it since it is his non-throwing hand and just a thumb. But, could Jones be dealing with a left thumb injury and the glove is for some sort of protection? It's possible. And while it's likely not the sole reason for Jones' numbers to decline of late, it's certainly noteworthy and could be part of it.

Just another small piece of the puzzle to the 2021 Patriots season.

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