Tom Brady: It's not worth comparing previous Super Bowl trips to this one


With Sunday's 31-26 win over the Packers in the NFC title game, Tom Brady will play in his 10th Super Bowl in two weeks against the Chiefs.

Of course, the previous nine came with the Patriots, so does the latest one with the Buccaneers feel any different?

“It’s hard to compare—it’s not worth it comparing any of that to me,” Brady said to NBC Sports' Peter King. “It doesn’t really matter. It’s an incredible feeling and to win a conference championship is incredible. To win a Super Bowl championship is one of the great feelings in the world. But they don’t give these away. Obviously, everything’s different this year, with us being at home. I’m sure it’ll feel like just another game, although we all know it’s just not another game.”

Brady also told him he received countless texts and calls following the game, including from Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

With this being his 10th appearance in the game, he will now have played in 18% of total Super Bowl games.

“It’s been an interesting life for me, you know?” Brady said to King. “I still get to do something I love to do and certainly don’t take anything for granted. Just grateful to everyone who supports me. And obviously my wife, my kids. Nobody can do anything in life without incredible support. Grateful to my parents, for being raised the right way. The commitment they showed. And my friends over the years. I think man, I’ve accomplished all of these things and I think for me the best part is sharing it with everybody else and just seeing videos of my kids jumping around and my friends jumping around. It makes it all so special for me and worth everything because I still get to live my dream. It’s an amazing feeling.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today Sports