Tom E. Curran on D&K: Patriots will be 'extremely and uncharacteristically aggressive' this offseason


There are a lot of questions with the Patriots this offseason in terms of what they will do, but according to NBC Sports Boston's Tom E. Curran they may be doing a lot.

“Everything I am hearing from down there is that the Patriots are going to be extremely and uncharacteristically aggressive in this offseason," he said on Wednesday's Dale & Keefe show.

Obviously, it's unclear what that will entail, but perhaps a No. 1 receiver will be signed, maybe a top tight end, or even a big-name quarterback. With the third-most cap space in the league, the Patriots have the ability to be aggressive.

When it comes to the quarterback position, Curran does not believe it will be one of the biggest names.

“To me, I think they will be more of a mid-tier team that will try its luck in the draft, so meaning mid-tier free agent — a [Marcus] Mariota, a [Jacoby] Brissett, whoever they deem worth chasing and securing and then to play it in the draft," he said. "That’s the hardest thing about this — do you force it in the first round with a Mac Jones or a Kyle Trask, who certainly don’t seem to me to be first-round quarterbacks? Or do you say, ‘we’re going to take that good linebacker and see if Trask or Jones if we take them in the second round are players we can develop, or somebody else?’”

Free agency doesn't begin until mid-March so a lot will change between now and then, but unlike some past years it seems the Patriots will be major players.