Listen: Ty Law ‘absolutely’ believes Steve Belichick will be an NFL head coach


Steve Belichick, the oldest son of Patriots coach Bill Belichick, is now in his 10th season as a member of the Patriots’ coaching staff. His official title for the last two years has been outside linebackers coach, but he has also been involved in defensive play-calling and is considered something of a de facto defensive coordinator, or at least co-defensive coordinator with inside linebackers coach Jerod Mayo.

With the Patriots owning the No. 1 defense in the NFL this season, there has started to be some speculation about what the future might hold for Steve Belichick. Could he eventually be his father’s successor in New England? Could he get other coaching opportunities and potentially split from Bill before then?

On The Greg Hill Show Tuesday morning, Jermaine Wiggins made a “guarantee” that Steve Belichick, now 34, will be a head coach within the next three years. He then asked Pro Football Hall of Famer and former Patriot Ty Law about it when Law joined the show for his weekly appearance, and Law agreed.

“I know Steve, and I absolutely believe he’ll be a head coach,” Law said. “Hell, what’s his last name? He’s been around the game and around coaching since he was born. His grandfather, Bill’s dad, was a coach. It’s like it’s in his DNA, and the last name Belichick does not hurt. So when it comes to owners looking for young head coaches that have been around it all, if they can’t get Belichick and see what’s in his brain, let’s hire his son and we’ll get some of that. I really believe that he’ll get a head coaching job soon. … He knows what he’s doing, because he’s been there. Since he was born, he was going to be a head coach. I’d love to see him get his opportunity to go spread his wings.”

As for whether that will be with the Patriots or elsewhere, Law said he believes Steve Belichick will be ready to be a head coach before Bill is ready to retire.

“Absolutely. I mean, if the opportunity presented itself and he feels that he’s ready, what’s he going to do, wait for Bill to leave?,” Law said. “What could be a better situation than to go whoop your daddy’s ass somewhere else? Who wouldn’t want to do that? I know I would. And I don’t think he’s going to be the successor there, because I think Josh McDaniels is waiting for that one, unless he takes another job somewhere. I think the Patriots are going to keep on rolling, so in order for him to establish himself and get out of his dad’s shadow, he’s going to have to go somewhere else and try to beat Bill’s ass. That’s what sons are supposed to do.”

Listen to the full interview with Law below:

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