Ty Law identifies Patriots’ biggest need now that offensive coordinator is set


The Patriots checked off the top item on their offseason to-do list on Tuesday, reportedly hiring Bill O’Brien to be their offensive coordinator.

So, what’s next? Appearing on The Greg Hill Show on Tuesday, Patriots legend Ty Law said he now wants to see Bill Belichick and company get Mac Jones even more help in the form of a true No. 1 wide receiver.

“They need somebody to help Mac Jones on the outside. Somebody that can take the top off the defense, man,” Law said. “That’s what I see. There’s no one as far as the receivers are concerned that is scaring anybody. They’re not putting the fear of God in no defensive backs, and that’s a problem.

“I think Mac Jones with some help -- because he has a running game, they have a running game. They need to be able to throw the ball to somebody that’s reliable and that can strike fear. A (Stefon) Diggs type of guy. A Ja’Marr Chase type of guy. Somebody that’s a true No. 1 receiver. I would like to see the Patriots go get him.”

Law said that while Jones might not ever be an elite quarterback, he does think the Patriots can win with him if they surround him with better weapons to go along with better coaching.

“I think you can win with Mac Jones if you give him the pieces,” Law said. “Like I said, give him -- I’m not saying he’s gonna be a Joe Burrow by any means -- but give him a Ja’Marr Chase, he’s gonna put up some better numbers too. Give him those type of guys. Give him a (DeAndre) Hopkins. Any of those number one receivers out there who give teams trouble week in, week out.

“Give Mac Jones that and he’s gonna make some noise, too. I’m not saying he’s gonna be as productive as some other guys, so don’t take it out of context. But if you give him some weapons, I think he’s gonna be a good quarterback and a good quarterback for the Patriots. I ain’t talking about Tom Brady. I ain’t talking about (Patrick) Mahomes or those other top-tier guys. But you can win with Mac Jones.”

As Law mentioned, DeAndre Hopkins could be one option, as the retooling Arizona Cardinals are expected to deal the 30-year-old receiver. We know Hopkins and Belichick have a lot of admiration for each other, and the Patriots were even listed as betting favorites to land him.

However, it has to be pointed out that Hopkins and O’Brien had an icy relationship when they were together in Houston, with Hopkins saying he took issue with O’Brien passing judgment on his personal life. Obviously, that could potentially throw a wrench into any sort of plan to bring Hopkins to Foxborough.

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