Listen: Ty Law tells story of Patriots players changing game plan ahead of Super Bowl XXXVI


The Patriots dynasty started with stunning the Rams, 20-17, in Super Bowl XXXVI in what was considered one of the greatest defensive performances in Super Bowl history shutting down an offense deemed "The Greatest Show on Turf."

Appearing on The Greg Hill Show Tuesday, cornerback Ty Law explained how that game plan came together and how the players convinced the coaches to change things up following what they did against them in the regular season meeting.

“I understand the athleticism and we played softer than we normally played (in regular season), for whatever reason," Law said. "Going into the Super Bowl it was a similar game plan, so of course, being the hot head that I was at the time I stood up and said, ‘Hold on. Hell no. We can’t run this. We ain’t doing this. We have to get up in their face. We can’t sit back and let them throw on time, you know what I mean?’ My thing was challenging the coach to trust us to challenge the wide receivers.

"I was like, ‘I’ve got Isaac Bruce. I don’t give a damn where he goes, I’m going [to cover] Isaac Bruce and I am going to take him out.’ The next thing you know Otis Smith stood up and said, ‘I’ve got Torrey Holt.’ T-Buck [Terrell Buckley] was like, ‘I’ve got Az-Zahir Hakim.’

"… We ripped it up and we went in with a new game plan.’"

Listen to Law tell the whole story in the clip below (starts at 11:10).

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