Kyle Van Noy opens up about Mac, Belichick, future with Patriots

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Appearing on The Greg Hill Show as part of the annual “Saving By Shaving” event in Quincy, New England Patriots linebacker Kyle Van Noy offered some insight on some matters near and dear to his team, his coach and his quarterbacks, both current and former.

First and foremost, Van Noy cut right to the chase when talking about the team’s struggles down the stretch in 2021, which ended in a blowout loss at Buffalo in the playoffs. “We just didn’t play well down the stretch, unfortunately. Defensively, offensively, we weren’t playing complimentary football.” He added that he didn’t like making excuses (though he did say he thought, “there was a lot of guys that could potentially have been sick”), but seemed to take hope in both in the team’s ability to learn and bounce back from a bitter defeat.

“If everybody can get back to that mindset, ok - what did we learn from this loss? - let’s carry this over and work during the season and remember those losses and get better from them.“

Speaking of his quarterback, Van Noy seemed pretty confident in his current quarterback’s ability to both grow and lead the team. Said Van Noy about the possibility some have floated that Mac Jones may have reached his ceiling; “I think that’s a little messed up.” He complimented Jones, adding, “His ability to push the naysayers to the side and just go to work is very impressive.”

Van Noy also noted how Jones is similar to former teammates Matt Stafford and Tom Brady when it comes to developing relationships on the team; “Those guys are friends with everybody, they love everybody, and he embodies that.”

“He truly is a leader.”

Seeing as Van Noy plays defense he must have some insight as to the potential confusion regarding the confusion surrounding the defensive coordination and who reports to who in meetings, game planning and on the sideline. “I will say this; if you’re in the building you know who’s in charge. And at the end of the day everything’s funneled toward Bill.”  And as to whether or not who calls the plays on defense is to be kept a secret, Van Noy added about Coach Belichick, “He is the secret.”, further adding, “It’s non-traditional with the way it is, but everybody’s Bill.”

Bill “is the secret”. Pats fans should have fun with that one for a while.

Van Noy chimed in briefly on the hot free agent topic in Pats Nation; JC Jackson, calling him “Pretty important” to the team, but deferring on making the call about his return, “There’s a lot of decisions to be made.”

Oh...and about the quarterback he won two Super Bowls with in New England? Addressing Tom Brady and a potential return to the league, Van Noy gleefully chirped, “He can play when he’s 75.” As for rumors Brady could get involved with NFL team ownership in retirement, particularly with the team Van Noy played a year for, the Miami Dolphins? “I think he should be all over it. I know I would if I had the opportunity.”

Van Noy, who admits to not always ignoring the noise (“I don’t think I have. To sit here and say I have is a lie.”), said he still had a lot to offer: “I consider myself someone that helps out a lot the best that I can.” And as to whether

Van Noy, who has personality but also seems well heeled in Belichickian Pats-speak, signed a two year $12 million deal in 2021, leaving him under contract for one more season with the Patriots with a $7.45 million cap hit. With potential change aplenty facing the team, especially on defense (notable veterans Devin McCourty and Dont’a Hightower are free agents), Van Noy showed the competitive edge that’s helped him excel for years in Foxboro.

“I’m always gonna bet on myself.”

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