Why Nakobe Dean fell in the NFL draft


Pass-rush specialist Chuck Smith joined Dukes & Bell to recap the NFL draft. Smith told the guys why he wasn't surprised about Nakobe Dean falling into the third round and why the former UGA star dropped so far.

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Why Nakobe Dean fell in the NFL draft
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“I totally expected Nakobe Dean to drop," said Smith. "I expected him to drop, number one, he never ran, he had too many of the measurables were against him. This is called doubling down. This is rare in NFL history where a guy who has a second- and third-round, possibly a first-round grade and never runs.

“But you go out on Pro Day and do things, when you got those measurables if you’re small you better be fast, Deion Jones isn’t the biggest dude but he is lightning fast. So if they’re gonna invest a first-round pick in you, you cannot not run at the Senior Bowl then not run at home. So to me the injuries compounded that.”

Chuck talked about how Dean needed to show teams more at workouts during the draft process.

“Somebody should have said 'Nakobe get a time on you,'" said Smith. "We know you’re a baller, so all they see is he’s a flat baller. Nakobe Dean is a baller, but at 229 pounds. You want a guy, you’re either gonna be big and a thumper or you’re gonna be small and be fast. He didn’t show any of them and we know he’s not a thumper. I think he’s in a good place.

"But I think the mistakes for Nakobe Dean were him and whoever his representation were they let themselves down by not running a 40-yard dash.”