Dave Dombrowski, Phillies may be making their move on Xander Bogaerts


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It seemed inevitable.

David Dombrowski is reportedly showing interest in signing Xander Bogaerts.

According to Jon Heyman, the Phillies' chief decision-maker is "believed to have real interest in Xander Bogaerts."

The cost for the Phillies to sign Bogaerts wouldn't be just whatever years and money might go to the free agent shortstop. Since Philadelphia went over the luxury tax threshold, Dombrowski and Co. would be forced to surrender $1 million of their international draft pool money along with the team's second- and fifth-highest draft picks in 2023. Those penalties are in place because Bogaerts has been extended a qualifying offer by the Red Sox.

Bogaerts' market certainly won't be limited to just the Phillies, with the Red Sox making re-signing the 30-year-old their top priority. Also believed to be in the mix are the Cubs and Giants.

When it comes to the Phillies, there is a logical fit for Bogaerts with the team declining the $17 million option on second baseman Jean Segura. Shortstop Bryson Stott would likely move over to second.

The cost of doing business when it comes to securing Bogaerts' services are undoubtedly going to be higher than the last time Dombrowski locked up the shortstop, who inked a six-year, $120 million extension with the Red Sox in 2019.

MLB Trade Rumors projects Bogaerts earning an eight-year, $189 million deal in the open market. Other shortstops figuring to jockey for position with Bogaerts in the free agent market are Carlos Correa, Trea Turner and Dansby Swanson. Turner and Swanson were each offered qualifying offers, with Correa not eligible for such a designation because he went through the process last year.

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