Steve Pearce: 2018 Red Sox was the 'best team ever'


Mookie Betts recently proclaimed this current Dodgers team was the most talented club he had been a part of. For those living life with the 2018 Red Sox it kicked up a logical debate.

For Steve Pearce, however, when it comes to identifying which is a better team there is no room for conversation.

"I will take the 2018 Red Sox, hands down, any day of the week and I will put them against any team that has ever stepped on the field," the 2018 World Series MVP said on the Bradfo Sho podcast. "We were a fun team. We had the chemistry and the talent and we gelled. When we were on we were a very tough team to beat. I will take us any day of the week.

"We rolled through them and we took care of business.That’s just what we did. We knew what we had to do and we did it. We brought that every single night to the park."

Later in the podcast Pearce punctuated his take.

"Ever. The best team ever," he said.

Pearce did admit that he hasn't been digesting a whole lot of baseball since ending his 13-year big league career this past offseason.

In fact, the former first baseman admitted he can't bring himself to watch at all.

"I haven’t watched baseball that much. It hurts to watch," Pearce admitted. "I feel like I can still play but just don’t want to anymore. I haven’t been able to turn on the TV. I don’t watch it. I’m just not ready. It hurts too bad.

"It’s just not hitting me the way that it used to. I’m sure time will definitely heal it. I’m just not ready at my point in life to watch it."

On the podcast Pearce also discusses being a Patriots and Tom Brady while living life as a Buccaneers season ticket holder, why Alex Cora was such a good manager, and the similarities that the former Red Sox manager shares with current Rays skipper Kevin Cash.