Garrett Richards reveals the story behind his epic mustache


Garrett Richards was already fairly unique.

The new Red Sox starter had made his mark in the new world of baseball with the ability to spin a baseball like few others, placing in the 99th percentile of all pitchers in spin rate.

That came naturally. His latest separator was a bit more of a journey.

Richards owns one of baseball's most impressive mustaches, a feature that hadn't been in play for the Oklahoma native until last year. For the first time, the 32-year-old explained how the facial hair came about.

"So whenever spring training broke last year for the pandemic I just started growing a mustache," Richards said while appearing on the Live BP Baseball Show. "I quit cutting my hair. Barbershops and stuff like that, you couldn't go to. So I just figured we're not really going outside anyway, you don't have to see a whole lot of people, why not try this this time. What a perfect time to try and grow a mustache. I literally can't grow any facial hair. I grow kind of these joker sideburns. These muttonchops things that don't connect. The mustache thing was just a spur of the moment thing. I probably passed a year. I'm a little over a year and going. I haven't trimmed it whatsoever, not one bit. I got some mustache wax for special occasions and I'll jazz it up a little bit. I just try and keep it out of my mouth."

The has been some challenges that go with keeping the mustache, with Richards explaining what he has had to get used to while living his new life.

"The thing is that you take a bite and you can feel the tug," he said of the challenges that come with eating with facial hair. "It takes a little while to get used to. It's not my favorite part of having a mustache. When I look at myself in the mirror I can't see myself without it. My wife absolutely hates it, bless her heart. She has stuck with it for a year. I can't imagine it was easy. I'm just going to keep it going. I think it has kind of become part of me now. I don't know, I'm kind of digging it."

The next level for Richards? The challenge from Live BP to go all Rollie Fingers (curling up the sides) before the end of spring training.

"You got it," he said. "I will make it happen."

After a rough first two spring training outings, Richards has bounced back with two impressive starts (one in Grapefruit League action and the other coming in a back-field game).

To listen to Richards talk about his first few weeks with the Red Sox, along with how he views the attention that comes with out-of-the-ordinary spin rate, click here.