Why was Triston Casas sunbathing in the outfield? He doesn't like caffeine


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The days of rookies sheepishly sitting in the corner, petrified to be seen or heard upon their introduction to Major League Baseball are a thing of the past.

There was no better example of that reality than during Triston Casas's first day in the big leagues.

After meeting with the media at about 10:20 a.m. to talk about everything that came with his call-up to the majors, Casas ventured out to the Fenway Park field. With no scheduled on-the-field batting practice, the only other player out on the playing surface was pitcher Jeurys Familia, who could be seen executing some flat-ground pitches.

So, with plenty of time before first pitch and a vacant baseball outfield, Casas did what he had been doing while with Triple-A Worcester. Off came the socks and shoes, along with the shirt. The first baseman was intent on spending his first major league pregame becoming one with nature.

"I don’t know necessarily like caffeine," Casas said after the Red Sox's four-game series sweep of the Rangers, in which he went 1-for-4. "I don’t drink coffee or energy drinks. I feel better after I get some sunlight on my body and that’s what I do. I go out there in the grass and I don’t think too much of it in terms of grounding or any science behind it but I just feel better after I do it."

While Casas put his shirt on after his time out in the outfield, the shoes stayed off until he was able to get his bearings in the Fenway batter's box.

All things considered, after collecting his first big league hit, making all the plays at first base, and contributing to the Red Sox' 5-2 win, it was a pretty solid - and memorable- day for the 22-year-old.

"I was definitely nervous," he admitted after the game. "This is everything I’ve ever dreamed of all culminating in one day. Throughout all that, I felt prepared. I was confident and I’ve been working for this for a really long time so I wasn’t nervous. I was nervous but i wasn’t scared. I felt like i was ready for the moment. I tried my best and did what i could and we got the win.”

Casas added, “I was just saying that this day meant a lot to me to share it with everybody and they know how special their first days are as well. To get it out of the way and to get the win and to go down to Tampa on a good note with a series sweep and get ready to kick some butt down there is pretty much what I said.”

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