Yankees' equipment truck incident punctuates team's Fenway Park weekend


File this under: Adding insult to injury.

If it wasn't painful enough for the Yankees to come into Fenway Park and suffer three straight losses at the hands of the Red Sox, their equipment truck offered a symbolic punctuation to the misery.

Just after 6 p.m., a little under two hours after the Yankees dropped their 9-2 series finale against the Red Sox, the truck responsible for carting the club's equipment back to New York rammed into the gate leading out to Jersey St.

The incident forced some creative Fenway workers to spring into action, banging the gate back into place in order for it to raise high enough for clearance.

Finally, just before 7 p.m. the gate was fixed and the truck finally started its journey toward the Mass Pike, putting the accident -- and the three-game sweep -- in its rearview mirror.

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today Sports