Tiki doubles down to BT: Giants should prefer Daniel Jones return over Lamar Jackson


Lamar Jackson is currently injured, potentially adding another ding to his free agent outlook for after the season.

For Tiki Barber, it’s more of a reason for Giants fans to want Daniel Jones back under center next season instead of the former MVP in Jackson.

“Daniel Jones has evolved into a player that we as Giants fans have regained that appreciation that we had for him as a rookie,” Tiki said, before pondering who the alternatives could be if the Giants don’t bring Jones back after this season.

“Which free agent would you want if you’re the Giants? Jimmy G, injury prone, we don’t want him. Tom Brady could potentially come available, aging, I don’t want him. Aaron Rodgers….at least another year, because the cap hit would be enormous. Then there’s guys like Lamar Jackson, who I remember earlier in the season, saying, ‘If the Giants could get Lamar Jackson, get Lamar Jackson.’ Now I look at Lamar Jackson, he’s gonna cost a grip, he’s constantly having injuries, and it feels like something has fallen off the table with him. There was this luster on Lamar Jackson. He won the MVP young, kept getting the team into the postseason…but has he peaked?”

BT, back from a day off, had to make sure he heard Tiki right the day before.

“You would want Daniel Jones over Lamar Jackson?” BT said. “Is this what I heard you said yesterday? What?”

Tiki doubled down on his take from the day before, that he would indeed rather see Jones back with Big Blue next season rather than the team making a splash for Jackson.

“Something’s been off the last couple years with Lamar Jackson,” Tiki said, “And I love Lamar…but now you’re wondering, is he gonna be injury prone at this point? I don’t know where his ceiling has fallen to. There was a point where he won the MVP and hadn’t even learned how to throw yet. But when I look at Daniel Jones, I feel like he’s just starting to figure it out. When I think about what happens next year with the Giants, the last thing I want is starting with someone else…I want Jones in year two of a Daboll/Kafka system.”

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