Beane: We never spoke to Sammy Watkins


Tyler Dunne from Bleacher Report created some buzz on Tuesday when he said with John Murphy and Steve Tasker on One Bills Live that former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Sammy Watkins had spoken to the team this offseason about a possible reunion.

"He said that the Bills were interested," Dunne said. "He had been talking to the Bills about coming back here before they traded for Stefon Diggs. I texted him, I was like, 'Could you make that work with a coach who you obviously didn't necessarily jive with before?' He said, 'Absolutely.' That the place he's at in life, in his words, dealing with all energies and entities in life, he would've made it work."

However, our own Sal Capaccio reached out to the Bills and general manager Brandon Beane, and he said that what Watkins said is completely false.

Brandon Beane: "That's 100% false. We never spoke to Sammy Watkins or any of his representation about trading for him. Secondly, we never discussed him with anyone in our building that matters. End of discussion."

— Sal Capaccio -- (@SalSports) May 12, 2020

Dunne dropped an in-depth piece on Tuesday on Watkins that detailed the hardships in Watkins' life since joining the NFL, including plenty on his time in Buffalo.

He waged a "war" outside of football, reawakened and -- finally -- found his purpose in life. From entities to aliens to manifesting dreams into reality, there isn't anyone in the NFL quite like the Chiefs' Super Bowl hero.What Sammy Watkins Believes:

— Tyler Dunne (@TyDunne) May 12, 2020

You can hear more of what Dunne had to say on One Bills Live below: