Tua Tagovailoa is the Bills' biggest threat in the AFC East


The Buffalo Bills are heading into the 2020 season as the favorites to win the AFC East.

It's hard to argue that they don't have the best and most complete roster in the division, and, arguably, have the best quarterback in the division. That combination should make them a heavy favorite going into the season.

If you look at the betting odds, the New England Patriots are slight underdogs to win the AFC East, or even in some places are co-favorites.

With Jarrett Stidham at quarterback and a defense that has lost key contributors such as Jamie Collins, Kyle Van Noy, and Danny Shelton, it does not equate a roster that can compete with the Bills. It might be one of the worst rosters in football. Bill Belichick may be the best coach of all-time, but I'm not a believer that he can add more than three or four wins to this four-win roster.

Meanwhile in Miami, Tua Tagovailoa is now a member of the Dolphins after a hip injury caused his draft stock to slide, and Ryan Fitzpatrick winning meaningless games caused Miami's draft position to slide.

Tagovailoa, when healthy, is a near perfect quarterback prospect. He's accurate at every level of the field, he throws beautiful touch passes, he has lower body mechanics straight out of a football textbook, is able to read and understand how to beat opposing defenses, is a pretty decent athlete, and is given credit for great leadership qualities. The only thing to worry about him, and it's a big worry, is his health.

When you do re-draft exercises 5-10 years in the future, Tagovailoa will be the guy who should've went first overall in the 2020 NFL Draft. Joe Burrow will likely be a very good quarterback, but there's a reason that before the 2019 season, Burrow wasn't on anyone's radar to be drafted and Tagovailoa was a prospect worth tanking for.

If Tagovailoa shakes his injury issues, he'll be the quarterback in the AFC East with the highest ceiling. A quarterback that could be good enough to make up for all the other deficiencies on his team.

Think of Deshaun Watson. Watson is so good that he can make up for the fact that his offensive line has stunk, his defenses haven't been great, and his head coach/general manager doesn't seem to know what he's doing. From the day he stepped on the field as a rookie, Watson has made the Houston Texans a playoff threat.

Tagovailoa could present a similar type of threat in the AFC East.

The Bills do have the best roster and, arguably, the best quarterback in the division in 2020. Should I be that worried about an lesser-talented New York Jets team with Sam Darnold? I like Darnold, but not enough to think he saves Adam Gase. Should I be worried about Jarrett Stidham? Probably not.

The one thing Bills fans should worry about, if anything at all, is a quarterback with a ceiling as high as Tagovailoa's. If the Dolphins hit a home run with that pick, we could see a rebirth of the Bills-Dolphins rivalry in the AFC East.

Jim Kelly said last week that if the Bills don't win the division this year, something went wrong. Injuries is, of course, one possibility, but maybe a superstar quarterback in Tagovailoa entering the division is a possibility as well.