NFL salary cap may jump $25 million in 2022

New cut-down dates have also been announced

A significant jump in the NFL salary cap is expected for 2022.

According to NFL Network reporter Tom Pelissero, the NFL and NFLPA have agreed to a $208.2 million salary cap ceiling for 2022, which is a $25.7 million jump from this year's $182.5 million cap.

According to the website Spotrac, the Buffalo Bills currently have salary cap commitments of just over $201.1 million for 2022, which includes both quarterback Josh Allen's and linebacker Tremaine Edmunds' salaries of $23.016 million and $12.716 million, respectively.

Those numbers are the costs of the fifth-year options the team has exercised for both players. However, one or both could change with any new contract or extension that modifies their 2022 cap hits via base salaries or bonuses.

Without any changes or extensions to Allen's or Edmunds' contracts, that would leave the Bills $7 million in cap space heading into 2022.

As Pelissero noted, there has been no salary cap floor agreed to, and the final number could be less than the $208.2 million floor.

New cut dates

Back in 2017, NFL owners agreed to eliminate the "first cut" in training camp, from 90 to 75 players, going straight from 90 to 53 after the fourth preseason game.

Another change was made on Wednesday, and the league will now have three roster cut-down dates:

With the addition of the 17th regular season game, teams will now only play three preseason games. These dates coincide with after the first, second, and third games. There is no fourth preseason game anymore, and instead essentially a preseason bye-week for every team. So, most teams will have 12 days from the "final cut" to their opening regular season game on Sunday, Sept. 12.

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