Why Sean McDermott was allowed to use phone on field during Patriots game

The Bills head coach was recording his halftime interview with CBS

Can you hear me now?

Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott turned heads on Sunday when he was spotted using a cellphone on the field in apparent violation of NFL rules during his team's win over the New England Patriots -- but a report said there was nothing untoward about the call.

McDermott was merely recording a halftime interview with CBS Sports sideline reporter Evan Washburn, according to the Buffalo News. The interview was recorded by phone to preclude an unnecessary face-to-face interaction, the report said.

McDermott was seen chatting it up on, what appeared to be, an iPhone while jogging to the Bills' locker room during halftime of Buffalo's crucial 24-21 win over division-rival New England on Sunday.

The sight prompted speculation on social media, with some wondering whether McDermott had some kind of personal emergency -- or was simply flouting long-standing NFL rules meant to curb cheating by relaying information to players and coaches on the field.

On-field personnel aren't permitted to use cell phones or other smart devices on the sidelines, other than league-appointed tablets, on which they may review pre-snap photographs showing formations and alignments.

McDermott's on-field phone interview wasn't the first for a coach this season, the News reported, and New England coach Bill Belichick was also scheduled to speak to Washburn over the phone. Colts coach Frank Reich and Raiders coach Jon Gruden had also conducted interviews by phone earlier this season, the report said.

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