At least it didn’t appear that anyone got seriously hurt, right?

Where to begin? How about at the beginning?

The Buffalo Bills were dead on arrival last night. Their opponent, the Tennessee Titans, apparently were morphed into some sort of sympathetic COVID-19 warriors out to prove that they’ve been wrongly portrayed the past two weeks.

Spoiler alert: They haven’t been.

Maybe if the Bills' first drive hadn’t ended deep in their own territory on a very catchable pass being dropped and subsequently intercepted by cornerback Malcolm Butler, the Bills could’ve made it past the initial wave of the Titans crusade to clear their name. Nothing takes the air out of a frenzied 1/8th capacity stadium and a team that hasn’t played football in weeks than a long touchdown drive by the visitors to open the game.

What a weird year.

But alas, with return man Andre Roberts pushed into meaningful early duty on offense, that didn’t happen. Playing in a spot that likely would’ve belonged to Gabriel Davis if John Brown had been healthy, Roberts had a relatively easy third down conversion bounce off him for an easy pick and the Titans were off.

It would be the first of three touchdown drives of under 20 yards for Tennessee on the night. They also had another 30-yard touchdown drive. Yes, their other two touchdown drives were 90 and 75 yards respectively, so the defense shouldn’t be given too much slack, but the short fields were tough.

Pass coverage was horrendous without cornerbacks Tre'Davious White and Levi Wallace. Slot corner Taron Johnson got lost a few times, and if Josh Norman has had a worse outing in the NFL, that game tape probably should have been destroyed to protect the innocent.

Norman got beat, penalized and even man handled. Just a brutal night for him.

The Titans seemed to do a great job confusing Josh Allen into just forcing the ball to Stefon Diggs, especially in the first half. It’s never a good sign when the ball arrives and there are three defenders close enough to make a play on it. Allen wasn’t to blame on the first interception, but the second one was all him. He just didn’t recognize a defender in the flat and threw it right to him.

It was just an all-around brutal night.

Just how much the unprecedentedly weird week played a part in it we’ll probably never know, because football players and coaches usually don’t tell you stuff like that. Not like it matters anyways.

The Bills got beat. Move on.

All of this likely leaves Bills fans eagerly staring at their phones this week waiting on injury news. They really missed Brown, White and Milano in this game. You’d think all hands on deck would be needed when the Kansas City Chiefs come to town on Monday night.

Visions of Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce romping through their shorthanded pass coverage might be enough to give us nightmares.

As if last night wasn’t bad enough.

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