Former U of M Player Turns Down Offer On Shark Tank

Shark Tank
Photo credit Getty Image/garytog

Sometimes turning down money that was offered is a good thing. Maybe or maybe not, but that's what former U of M basketball player Charles Matthews did on Shark Tank.

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This was how it was presented on the show, “What’s up Sharks, my name is Hunter, alongside my partners, Jason, Austin and Charles. We’re here today seeking $650,000 in exchange for 5% of our company.” Matthews has a service that enables athletes to sell their team gear.

Cha-ching “We ran this and the $1.3 million in sales from our dorm rooms,” also “So, now that we feel we actually have the opportunity to go on these college campuses, interact with the student athletes. Face-to-face is always better to get deals done. We feel like the sky’s the limit.” Just being on the show of course will boom their sales. More here.