Teyana Taylor Shares How Her Daughter Inspires Fearlessness in Her New Music

During her interview with Poet Taylor, Teyana Taylor shares intimate details behind her stunning new LP, The Album
The singer immediately opens up about the intro track on The Album, where we hear a recording of a 9-1-1 operator helping a man who’s wife abruptly went into labor at home. Taylor is candid about this moment because it is her and her husband, Iman Shumpert in the recording. 

Teyana speaks to motherhood and how she’s learned to be fearless from her daughter, Iman Jr aka Junie. “She’s such a fearless Black young lady… that fearlessness is so inspiring… I’ve always been a strong woman, but as far as just being completely fearless she’s embedded that in me,” explains the “Wake Up Love” singer. 

Additionally, Junie doesn’t just inspire Taylor to be fearless, Junie also inspires Teyana to try the most with her music. The singer explains that before her daughter came along she always listened to people and felt manipulated by people who were telling her she was doing too much with her music, but her daughter's strong will encourages her to try everything. Taylor says that her daughter’s energy to be great at everything she does pushes her to great at everything she strives for as well. “With this album, I was able to express myself, but I got a lot of that from Junie… she taught me balance,” shares Taylor.