Jay Glazer gets candid about 'battling back' anxiety and finding help from his friends

'Vulnerability has changed my life'
Jay Glazer
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Television personality and sports reporter Jay Glazer knows just how dark depression and anxiety can get as he’s battled it most of his adult life.

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The 53-year-old recently bared all in an article he wrote for Newsweek surrounding his struggles with anxiety and depression and detailing just how complex things can get.

“The truth is, I know my life is great—but what's going on between my ears sucks,” he shared. “So a lot of the time I am unable to feel the love that is really out there for me, or to feel worthy of receiving it.”

Glazer continues on to express the pressure society puts on individuals (especially men) to suppress emotions and “deal with it,” but Glazer found out it’s doing the exact opposite that helps him live with these demons.

“It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I felt the need to finally be open about my mental health,” he said.  “I reached out to some friends who I would be working with during the Super Bowl… and said ‘Hey, guys, I've got to talk. I'm in a bad way and I'm scared of myself. Life is about choices, and I'll never commit suicide, but my pain is heavy. Every day sucks.’”

Glazer was pleasantly surprised at the support he received (and continues to receive) from those around him. He admits speaking up about what he was facing was the key to coping.

“Many people are afraid to show their emotions in this way, but guess what? No one's questioning my manhood,” he wrote. “I can cry and I can be vulnerable. That vulnerability has changed my life, and the space I now live in now is beautiful.”

He continued, “Now, if I'm struggling I open up and lean into my friends. If I'm feeling overwhelmed, I call The Rock [Dwayne Johnson] immediately. He will drop everything and get right back to me. For us, it's non-negotiable. He's the most authentic friend I have.”

Glazer closes by encouraging others to open up about their struggles and lean into their support systems. He also challenges society to be more accepting and willing to support those with struggle with their mental health.

“Many people, especially athletes, are so proactive with their physical health, but only go to a therapist when the sky is falling,” he concluded. “I believe that as a society we need to be a lot more proactive about mental health. There's not enough therapists out there, so we have to start becoming each other's therapists.”

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