Detroit man faces manslaughter and child abuse charges after stepson finds unsecured handgun, shoots himself in the head

Prosecutor Kym Worthy asks: “Does a child have to die in your home before this is taken seriously?”
Armani Robinson mugshot
Armani Robinson Photo credit Detroit PD

DETROIT (WWJ) -- A Detroit man is facing felony charges in yet another case of a child who got ahold of an unsecured gun, with deadly consequences.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy expressed her dismay as she announced three felony counts against 26-year-old Armani Robinson in connection with the tragic shooting last weekend, on Detroit's west side.

According to investigators, at around 10:30 p.m. on August 19, Robinson's 8-year-old stepson found Robinson's handgun, which was left unsecured in their home in the 5720 block of Ward St.

Police said the child picked up the gun and shot himself in the head.

He was rushed to a local hospital where he died.

Robinson has been charged with Involuntary Manslaughter, as well as Second-Degree Child Abuse, and Tampering with Evidence, Worthy said.

He is was scheduled to be arraigned in 36th District Court on Wednesday.

“I am literally running out of things to say and write about this continuous stream of children shooting and killing themselves with unsecured guns. Once again, these deaths are 100% preventable and unnecessary,” said Worthy, in a statement. “Does a child have to die in your home before this is taken seriously?”

As always, authorities urge all gun owners to keep their firearms securely locked up and away from children — either in a gun safe or with a trigger lock or both. Gun locks may be available for free from police in your community, so check with your local police department.

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