AARP Louisiana answering seniors' coronavirus questions


AARP Louisiana is holding a Telephone Town Hall Meeting today to answer seniors’ concerns about the coronavirus. State Director Denise Bottcher says Dr. Benjamin Springgate with LSU Health New Orleans will be on the call to answer health-related questions.

“He will be on to give us the latest guidance from the CDC, to go over some of those practical things but important things that we all need to be doing,” says Bottcher.

Bottcher says LaVonda Dobbs of 211 will also be on the call to speak about services that are available to seniors across the state.

“For older adults who are wondering how they can get on the Meals on Wheels service for example, or how they do their SNAP benefits,” says Bottcher.

Bottcher says they wanted to hold the Telephone Town Hall for not just members but everyone, especially people in outlying areas of the state, to make sure they are aware of resources during this critical period.

“But for those in the rural areas, they may not be getting the information, so that’s why we are calling into people’s home, cause hopefully, they are at home, they can get this information right where they are,” says Bottcher.

The call is open for anyone to participate in and will take place today at 10:10 a.m.

To do so you call 1-877-229-849 and enter PIN 18492.