Accused cop-impersonator arrested in St. Charles Parish

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St. Charles Parish sheriff's deputies arrested a Prairieville man on charges of impersonating a police officer. Authorities say 23-year-old Peyton Oubre chased another vehicle from Jefferson Parish into St. Charles.

Corporal James Grimaldi of the St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office said that led to the pursued vehicle, a Dodge Charger, wrecking on Interstate 310. He adds witnesses report seeing Peyton Oubre’s Audi with emergency lights.

"The black car (Oubre’s) did have what appeared to be emergency lights mounted onto the dash, and in Peyton Oubre’s own statement he was following the vehicle at a high rate of speed because he had witnessed a traffic violation," said Grimaldi.

Officials say a search of Oubre's vehicle found the emergency lights.

Grimaldi says when they questioned Oubre as to why he engaged in the high-speed chase, Oubre gave a cryptic answer: "That he worked for a governmental agency, but when questioned about what government or where he worked specifically he was unable to provide specifics."

The sheriff's office said that Oubre also told deputies he chased down the Charger because it was being operated recklessly. 

Grimaldi says never take the law into your own hands.

"Driving at a high rate of speed often is more of a danger than just stepping back, so please contact 911," said Grimaldi.

Grimaldi said they do not believe the incident is related to another case of reported officer impersonation that occurred in St. Charles parish in October.