JP Chamber of Commerce criticizes N.O. Mayor Cantrell

Mayor Cantrell

The President of Jefferson Parish Chamber of Commerce, Todd Murphy, criticizes New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell for her comments during her media conference on Tuesday and says she needs to better communicate with regional partners in neighboring Jefferson parish.

On Friday, Murphy sent Cantrell a direct letter saying, “Your media conference on Tuesday, April 14 was not in the spirit cooperation. Your surprising decision to offer an opinion on the fate of future festivals and events have far-reaching and damaging consequences.”

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Murphy continues, “This surprise announcement left many unprepared and it likely set back our recovery in several critical sectors by weeks if not months. Leaders of various industries throughout your city and region have indicated to me that your comments have already started a ripple-effect that is leading to the cancellation of fourth-quarter business.”

Murphy ends the letter by saying he is respectful of Cantrell’s authority and that he is hopeful that she will lead the region into recovery.