LA SPCA again warns against impulsive rabbit purchases

Despite repeated warnings and pleas from animal welfare officials, the Louisiana SPCA says it still gets inundated with rabbits, baby chicks, and ducklings within a couple months of Easter Sunday. It ends up causing a scramble to find the little critters good homes.

Shelly Patton with Louisiana SPCA says it seems to be a generational problem.

"A lot of times, the adults had these chicks and ducks and rabbits given to them when they were children, and they want to share that with their kids," she said. But she said few people seem to realize that live rabbits are a much more demanding pet than even a cat or a dog. 

"They have teeth that are constantly in a state of growth so they're always trying to chew them down. They chew wood, they chew wire," she said. "It's a lot of work, proofing your homes, they have special diets. It's amazing how little and cute they are but rabbits are really fragile animals."

Patton says the SPCA has to work hard to find pet owner who can be dedicated to rabbits specialized care.

If it's all the same, she suggests getting your kids a chocolate bunny, or plushy.