8% increase in fatal crashes despite far fewer cars on the road


Fatal crashes were up 8% from March 16th to April 20th compared to the same time last year despite an estimated 30 to 40 percent fewer cars being on the road.

Louisiana Highway Safety Commission Executive Director Lisa Freeman says it appears the more open roads are bringing out the worst in some motorists.

“Our statistics are preliminary but however they are indicating that drivers are engaging in various risky behaviors that put themselves and others at risk,” says Freeman.

The state counted 66 fatal crashes during that March to April period.

It’s a rough time to get into a bad crash and end up in the ICU. Freeman says be courteous to our frontline medical heroes and don’t drive recklessly.

“They are just completely overrun with cases that are coming into the hospital and we do not need to add motor vehicle crash injuries to their workload,” says Freeman.

Freeman says reckless, drunk, or distracted driving is in some ways possibly more dangerous than it used to be with all the new foot traffic on sidewalks these days.

“Almost as much as 200% increases in people walking and biking during this pandemic and so there are a lot of people who would be at risk when driver error is factored in,” says Freeman.