LSU study looks at how vaping impacts previous non-smokers


As vaping soars in popularity, LSU assistant professor of Comparative Biomedical Sciences, Alexandra Noel, looks into how vaping impacts the lungs of people who were previously non-smokers.

Noel says, a lot of the previous vaping related studies looked at the effects on people who had smoked cigarettes previously, but the craze is beginning to impact a large number of previous non-smokers.

“If you compare it to cigarette smoke it may not be as harmful, but if you compare it to fresh air, that is where we have concerns,” says Noel.

Part of her study will measure the chemicals vape companies say is in their products and compare that to what actually ends up in your lungs after inhaling.

“There is a different chemical composition of the e-liquid, and once it is heated and aerosolized through the e-cig device, there are some other chemicals that could be produced,” says Noel.

She hopes her research can help inform public policy on the issue as more and more kids take up vaping without having ever touched a cigarette.

“We want people to know what they are exposed to when they are using electronic cigarettes, and we also want the government to know what they are exposed to, and take the necessary step,” says Noel.

The legal age for vaping has now been raised to 21 in the US, but there’s still confusion as to whether it’s legal to sell to those 18-21 in Louisiana.