Pandemic causing divorce, complicating contentious relationships


The coronavirus is putting stress extra on relationships and many are calling it quits. In addition to family practice lawyers seeing an increase in business, the pandemic is also having another effect on divorces. Baton Rouge Attorney Nancy Sue Grégoire says those who were already in the process of a divorce before the pandemic began are having even more complications.

“Not just an uptick in the divorces but a lot more unrest, a lot more anger, a lot more inability to compromise and get along,” says Grégoire

Grégoire says the pandemic has caused many to lose their employment and healthcare and it is making the process of divorce even more difficult.  She has advice for those who are in the middle of ending their relationship.

“Certainly, for people who are already stressed, therapy is great. They need to really take a step back and understand that this is temporary,” says Grégoire.

Instead of going to a courtroom and using ZOOM for court proceedings, Grégoire believes for some, they don’t understand the reality of the situation.

“I don’t think they feel the weight of the decisions that are being made or the recommendations that are being made and it is easier for them to just say not going to do it,” says Grégoire.