Saints running back Alvin Kamara: 'I'm back'


Alvin Kamara played through much of the 2019 season with an injured knee. But through the first week of training camp the Pro Bowler is feeling good. 

“I’m back,” Kamara said.

Kamara’s coaches have certainly noticed.

“It’s clear he’s back to 100 percent,” Saints running backs coach Joel Thomas said. “Now it’s just that point of knocking off some of the rust….which I think he’s doing a fine job of…”

Thomas said some of that rust is simply a result of the Saints regular offseason program being canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The coronavirus threat has forced the Saints to adjust several aspects of training camp including the overall schedule of workouts. But Kamara said Friday that he feels like practice is going well and that the adjustments the team has made for safety haven’t gotten in the way of preparation.

“It is pretty much the same,” Kamara said. “It is still camp, minus the preseason. So, we are still working. We're still working hard. Still on pace with installs, our walkthroughs in the afternoon and things like that. So, no, I feel good.  I don't feel like we're missing anything, honestly. We’re just kind of just moving a little different because of the virus and things like that. But it’s a regular schedule program.”

So far, that regular scheduled program has Kamara facing a defense that’s been playing well to start camp.

“I feel like we got the best defense in the league,” Kamara said. “So just being able to go out there and compete with them every day, it’s just iron sharpens iron.”