Study: Louisiana divorces are often friendly farewells

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A recent survey by finds 2 in 3 Louisiana divorces end amicably. That's well above the national average of 45 percent.

Local divorce attorney Stephen Rue agrees with the survey results, with a caveat.

"I'm sure that's quite true. However, the one-third that remain fills the courts throughout the state with very upset people fighting for everything that they possibly can fight for, from pets to patio furniture. The courts are overflowing because of that one-third of the population getting divorced that can't do it amicably."

But, why do so many more Louisianans end their marriages on friendly terms than in other areas? 

"Because we have a good quality of life that distracts us away from our spouse, including the Saints and LSU," says Rue, somewhat tongue-in-cheek.

Not only do more Louisianans end their marriages amicably, 12 percent actually included ex-spouses in their wills. 

"A lot of times people do want the person that they love, or loved in the past, to participate in those assets after they've passed."

Rue, says that is obviously not always the case.

"What's more common is that attorneys fail to inform their clients that they need to change their wills after they get their divorced, and a lot of people just forget. Then, all of a sudden, their ex-spouse ends up with assets because they forgot to change their will."

Additionally, he says, 1 in 5 folks who divorce don't know if their spouse has included them in their will.​

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