Strief: Roger Goodell lied, never talked to Saints players


The commissioner of the NFL Roger Goodell spoke in Atlanta today giving his annual “State of the League” address before the Super Bowl.  He was asked about the missed penalty in the NFC championship on Rams corner Nickel Robey-Coleman and admitted “it is a play that should have been called.” That certainly doesn’t make Saints fans feel any better, but how are Who Dats supposed to believe and trust the head of the league if Goodell does not speak the truth. 

“We understand the frustration of the fans,” stated Goodell. “I’ve talked to Coach Payton, the team, the players. We understand the frustration that they feel right now and we certainly want to address that.”

Still waiting to hear what "players" @nflcommish spoke to. Certainly not any of the usual suspects. Odd that the guy who constantly discusses the integrity of the shield is so quick to lie to the whole world's media at the Super Bowl.

— Zach Strief (@ZachStrief) January 31, 2019

According to the Voice of the Saints Zach Strief, that is a flat out lie. From all the players that Strief has spoken to or texted, none of them has heard from the commissioner.  Makes you wonder, if Goodell isn’t telling the truth about this, what else could he be hiding?

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