Mickey Loomis sees championship elements on Saints, just need to put it all together


Saints training camp may be conducted a little differently this season, but one constant remained the same. Team executive vice president and general manager Mickey Loomis kicked things off as usual; and believed that everyone on the team reported other than two back-up tight ends who decided to opt out of playing this season.

How about COVID-19 test results? Has any of the Saints tested positive?

“Sean (Payton) was positive at one time, he disclosed that,” Loomis said. “We’ve had a couple of other ones. But, yesterday was the first day of this 5-day testing and to my knowledge we didn’t have any positives from yesterday’s test. From today’s tests, we don’t have the results from and I can’t discuss any individual results.”

It’s not clear if coaches or staff were the “couple of other ones” who did register a positive test for the virus, but rookies and anyone else who went through testing Monday was negative.

One non-virus and non-roster concern surrounding the Saints is how Drew Brees’ relationship with the locker room will really be after some drama unfolded in the offseason.  Brees made a comment in an interview with Yahoo! in which he stated, “I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America or our country.” That did not sit well with Malcolm Jenkins and other Saints teammates who were offended, feeling their quarterback didn’t understand the social injustice message Colin Kaepernick was taking a knee for.    

“I think our team and Drew have handled that,” Loomis said when asked about the issue. “In some ways it’s a private matter between Drew and his teammates and I think we’ve handled that fine.”

It’s going to be a couple of weeks before players start doing any football activities, but Loomis is confident this 2020 team from top to bottom will be ready to handle the coronavirus curveballs that will be thrown their.

“We feel real good about our roster, real good about our leadership, great about our coaching staff, Loomis explained.  “So, look...all the elements are there. But we’ve got to put in the work, we’ve got to put in the time, we have to find a way to focus on football, and it’s right there in front of us. So I would say our expectations and our goals are to be successful. To go further than we did last year and further than we did the year before.”

Short answer…SUPER BOWL!