Trysta Krick: Pelicans 'snitch' to blame for absurd Bulls-Heat tampering saga


I’ve got a message for David Griffin from Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls fans:


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Because the news dropped this week that the Heat and Bulls will each forfeit their next available second-round draft picks following the NBA's investigation into both teams' free-agency discussions with Kyle Lowry and Lonzo Ball.


The NBA investigated both teams for tampering, and this may be the most stupid thing I’ve ever seen. It may be the worst-kept secret that recruiting free agents happens ALL YEAR LONG. I mean the Olympics were just one long play to see if anyone could convince Dame Lillard to leave Portland.

As John Hollinger noted:

I can assure you from my time in Memphis that every team starts free-agency discussions long before free agency "starts," and it's difficult for the league office to police this. 

Uhm, by difficult? You mean impossible! Jayson Tatum is never going to stop trying to get Brad Beal to come to Boston. I’m sure they talk about it every week. Or LeBron basically trying to pitch EVERY All Star that playing with him and AD is the way to get a couple easy rings.

Just ask Russell Westbrook.

But the NBA just felt like it HAD to do something, in order to keep teams honest.

And yes losing a draft pick sucks, even if it’s a second rounder. But in Miami’s case, their next available 2nd rounder to be docked is either 2024 or 2028, and in Chicago’s case, 2026. So it’s a ways away anyway. This is why the Heat’s only statement on this was: "While we disagree, we accept the league's decision. We are moving on with our season."

Every bullshit story usually has a villain, and you know what the commonality between Lowry and Lonzo?

David Griffin of the New Orleans Pelicans, that’s who.

When Lowry signed with the Heat about 11 seconds into free agency, apparently Griffin went BALLISTIC because his entire free agency was built around pursuing Lowry. And having already basically cut ties with his own free agent point guard in Ball, Griffin couldn’t save that relationship when the Bulls signed Ball to a lucrative deal (which was beyond what he was willing to pay by the way).

Can you spell SNITCH?

Add Pat Riley and Billy Donovan to JJ Redick and the massive list of people who have a MAJOR grudge against Griffin and the Pelicans.

Here’s the thing about the NBA. You reap what you sow. There’s a reason some teams are NEVER a destination in free agency.

So good luck to New Orleans trying to sign Zion. Everyone knows he’s already secretly negotiating with World Wide Wes and Leon Rose a full two years before his free agency starts.

And that is what we call payback, folks.

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