Business: Federal jury determines pharmacy chains fueled opioid crisis

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A federal jury has determined pharmacy chain operators CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart helped fuel an opioid epidemic in two Ohio counties, in the first trial the companies have faced over the drug crisis. Jurors in Cleveland concluded that actions by the chains resulted in an oversupply of addictive pain pills.

The Biden administration is suing to block the proposed merger of two sugar industry giants, arguing that the acquisition would erase competition and raise prices. The suit aims to stop United States Sugar from buying Imperial Sugar.  U.S. Sugar is privately held and headquartered in Florida. Imperial Sugar is owned by a conglomerate based in the Netherlands.

In an effort to reward its drivers for weathering a tidal wave of holiday shipping demand, Birmingham-based flatbedder Montgomery Transport is instituting a 5 cents per mile Driver Shortage Surcharge. The surcharge will be passed on directly to drivers for a period of 90 days.