Cantrell consultant blasts critics on Twitter then backtracks

Mayor LaToya Cantrell
Photo credit Getty Images | Jonathan Bachman/Stringer

As New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell continues to get called out over the city's crime problem, some in her camp are bristling at the critiques on her behalf.

Kristine Breithaupt, Cantrell's campaign consultant, called those who complain about the city's worsening crime problem "trolls" in a post on social media defending the mayor.

Breithaupt's tweet has since been deleted, but of course, nothing ever truly disappears once it has been released to the wilds of the internet, and the comment continues to draw backlash even in its absence.

Cantrell's most recent press briefing addressed a number of topics - the Second Tranche of American Rescue Plan Act Funding, Public Safety, FEMA Funding Extension, City Park-Lakeview Flood Mitigation Project, Naval Support Activity Center Site - but was light on solutions for the city's shortage of police officers.