Cantrell Recall effort: Shifting into a higher gear

Photo credit City of New Orleans

Can the recall drive survive and get the signatures needed to trigger a vote? Despite the pessimistic outlook by Political Analyst Ed Chervenak, recall co-chair Eileen Carter is laser focused on seeing the recall gets the signatures needed.

"I say do not be discouraged because we are not at all.  I'm very excited about where we are, I feel we are on pace, knowing the strategy that we have and the plans we have before us," Carter says.

Speaking with WWL's Newell Normand, Carter is confident the signature mailer to registered voters is going to help people come out of the shadows and voice their real feelings about recalling Mayor LaToya Cantrell:

"We're really excited about this effort, we really listened to our residents, and there are people who wanted to sign discreetly. And there are a lot of people who had mobility issues or they just didn't have the time and thought 'I'll wait'. Well, we're putting it in front of you, we're making it easy so everyone can participate in the recall."

Carter says the move to mail out petitions for signatures will bear fruit.  She showed passion in her dedication to the cause:

"I just want to remind everyone that we have the power.  You know our elected officials are supposed to be doing the will of the people, and we don't see that right now."

So…In the face of political pessimism the recall effort shifts into high gear. Carter says the mailer they are sending out registered voters is designed to do more than jump-start the signature efforts:

"We are moving forward with it.  With what we have now and what we expect upon return.  I believe that we will be successful, and after we do get what's returned, then be able to see what pockets of the city that we need to give a little bit more education to."

Recall mailers are already going out in the mail.

Featured Image Photo Credit: City of New Orleans