Could shortage of tanker drivers lead to empty gas stations?

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Imagine hitting the road for your first trip since the pandemic began, pulling over for gas, and finding the station empty!

There is a shortage of drivers for fuel tanker trucks. It has already caused some supply chain issued in popular spring break destinations, and it could affect summer travel.

"It's a result of the impact, if you will from the lockdown," said Louisiana AAA spokesman Don Redman. "The past year of low demand, and to the point some tanker truck drivers were laid off or sought retirement or other jobs."

The results is 20 - 25 percent fewer drivers to help get auto fuel to gas stations. Redman cautions drivers not to panic.

"We're not at all talking about a shortage of gasoline," said Redman. "I don't want anyone to go into a panic and think that we're suddenly out of gasoline."

But he says it could cause problems with some stations running out of gas.

"Some stations and some chains and some brands, especially in very popular destinations, you may see some stations that have run out of gasoline or are very low in there," he explained.

Redman recommends start looking for gas when your fuel gauge hits a quarter tank.