Councilman Freddie King on French Quarter clean up and crackdown

Councilman Freddie King on French Quarter clean up and crackdown
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The French Quarter is set to welcome several new vendors after the city council voted to allow new permits for those who, for a long time, could not do business in the popular district.

Councilman Freddie King of District C has worked hard to pave the way for local pushcart businesses to be able to serve the ample crowds that flood the French Quarter.

“For the first time since 1972, new pushcart businesses will be able to vend legally in the French Quarter.”

For fifty years, only one vendor, per city ordinance, was allowed to legal end in the quarter. That was Lucky Dog, the pushcart hot dog vendor. Councilman King says that owner Kurt Talbert was open to the change and was instrumental in it.

“He was a great partner in crafting legislation to allow for more businesses to have the opportunity to vend within the French Quarter.”

Now, you can find just about anything for sale from ladies with Jell-O shots to taking pictures with pet snakes. But, most of those operate illegally and King is looking to clean that up.

“I’ve been going to traffic and municipal court myself to let the judges know that when these citations come to court, give them a hard look.”

King also spoke on the fact that this effort will count on enforcement by NOPD and, due to the force's staffing shortage, what other agencies may step in.

“I had a meeting with the Second City Constable’s Office to see if they can give a hand to supplement the shortage that we see in NOPD.”

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