Police car shortage affecting NOPD patrols

Police car shortage affecting NOPD patrols
Photo credit WWL

There are 75 more New Orleans Police Officers on patrol this month over last.

But why are people not seeing a bump in the number of police cars out there?

Police Chief Shaun Ferguson says the department is getting bit by supply chain issues holding up needed parts and materials to keep the cars on the road.  It’s even affecting the way the department is buying new cruisers.

Newly deployed officers are having to double and triple up in existing vehicles to make their rounds.

“This is one of those nationwide issues with supply and demand and what is out there, what can we get our hands on,” Ferguson told WWL-TV.

New Orleans is supposed to be getting 75 new cars to hit the streets, but getting the parts needed to outfit them is a challenge.  The cars are here, they just need new police radios, and decals, roll cages, and other equipment cops depend on in the vehicles.

“The frustration, the challenge is the waiting,” Montano told the broadcaster. “You get something two steps forward one step back, you know? Who would have thought that we're waiting now for glue?”

New Orleans isn’t the only department short on vehicles.  Jefferson Parish and Slidell are also stuck waiting for parts and items for their fleets.

Slidell has even resorted to putting old Ford Crown Victorias back on patrol.

“That is when you know you're at your lowest threshold of fixing vehicles,” Montano said. “When your junk yarding and cannibalizing other cars just to be able to keep police cars on the road.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: WWL